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Tiffany’s Hometown Buffet opens on Emory Street
Daniel Park is the owner of Tiffany's Hometown Buffet on Emory Street Northwest in Covington.

COVINGTON, Ga. – The aroma of fresh home cooking returned to Emory Street Monday when Tiffany’s Hometown Buffet opened in the space once occupied by Thomas’ Buffet.

The all you can eat restaurant next to the railroad tracks just north of Hwy 278 had not been open since early July when owner Daniel Park closed it for renovation.

Park said the $160,000 facelift included a complete rebuild of the kitchen and new paint, ceilings and floors in the restrooms among other improvements.

Park said along with his returning customers who have come to expect all you can eat portions of good food for $8.99, he hopes to the new restaurant will attract families with more kid-friendly menu choices like chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.

There are even new soft serve ice cream and popcorn machines.

Tiffany’s will also feature all you can eat steak Fridays and Saturdays for $9.99.

Park said the steak will be grilled “right in front of you” in a cooking area on the east end of the main dining room.

The restaurant also honors senior citizens, first responders and active and retired military members.

For those planning holiday parties, Tiffany’s Hometown Buffet features seating areas that can be reserved for large groups in Box Cars 1 & 2.

Park said Tiffany’s has a hard-working staff that cares about their customers. And he’s committed to giving his patrons quality food.

“I live in Covington and I’m dedicated to providing good food to its citizens,” he said. “We’re planning to be here for a long time.”