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Buy local: AAMCO
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Address: 4191 West St. NW, Covington, Ga. 30014

Phone: (770) 787-1155


Customer Service Manager Glenn Leftwich said AAMCO is the most recognized auto repair company in the United States because of the variety of services they offer, their quality of service and their competitive prices.

"There’s no competition really. There are a lot of other stores out there, but we get it right," Leftwich said. "All of our customers are loyal to us because of our service and loyalty to them."

AAMCO emphasizes total car care, specializing in repairing transmissions, and promoting constant general maintenance as the key to keeping a car running well for years and years.

AAMCO performs tune-ups and oil changes and fixes brakes, spark plugs, air conditioning units, radiators and cooling systems and shocks and struts. They even repair tractors and other farm equipment.

"We want our customers to come here for everything: oil changes, new filters, fuel injector cleaning, everything," Leftwich said.

Right now through the end of July, AAMCO is running fuel injector specials for $59, including a new fuel filter, and brake specials for just $88.

Leftwich has 26 years of automotive experience and his staff has a combined 120 years of experience working on vehicles. He said his Covington store recruits people from all over the U.S. in order to find the most qualified mechanics.

Leftwich said AAMCO can often provide better pricing, because their mechanics can actually repair parts instead of simply replacing them. This is particularly important for older cars, because the newer parts may not always be perfectly compatible leading to a loss of efficiency. However, if the part can be repaired, AAMCO has a full supply room on hand to get the problem fixed quickly.

AAMCO is also supportive of its community, offering discounts to seniors, youth groups and athletic teams. Leftwich said his store is trusted by the City of Covington to repair and maintain their vehicles.

"We put into that little extra effort it takes to be great instead of just good," Leftwich said.