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Henderson's Restaurant announces closing
The intersection in front of the Henderson's Restaurant in Covington is undergoing a complete transformation. (File Photo | The Covington News)

COVINGTON, Ga. - Henderson's Restaurant, located at 11885 Highway 36 in Covington, announced it is officially closed with Facebook post Tuesday afternoon. The announcement comes after the restaurant announced it would be closing because of Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) construction at the intersection in front of the restaurant.  

According to the Facebook post, GDOT contractors have started working in an area that affects food delivery to the restaurant. 

The GDOT project consists of the realignment of Henderson Mill Road approximately 0.19 miles south of the existing intersection, according to a statement from GDOT in March. Signals will then be constructed at the existing intersections of Highway 36 and Flat Shoals Road/Steel Road and at the realigned Henderson Mill Road intersection. The roadway will consist of two 12-foot travel lanes in each direction with 12-foot left and right turn lanes onto Flat Shoals/Steel Road and Henderson Mill Road. The shoulders will consist of 10-foot urban and rural shoulders. 

The existing intersection creates a “5-point” environment which is not desirable for optimal safety and operational efficiency. This project will regulate currently uncontrolled access points from the adjacent properties to SR 36, Steele Road and Flat Shoals Road and increase sight distance for drivers approaching all sides of the intersection.

“This is a busy intersection that we feel will function better with the realignment and traffic signal additions,” District Communications Specialist Kyle Collins said in the statement. “When complete, the likelihood of accidents will be greatly reduced as this county continues growth. “

The completion date is set for Aug. 31 and the $1.9 million job went to Knight and Associates Inc. However, Collins told The Covington News Tuesday, the project is progressing slower than GDOT had hoped. 

"At the current time, the completion date remains in August but it doesn't look like the prime contractor will meet that," he said. 

"We have done all we can to motivate and increase contractor productivity on this job. They are significantly behind schedule. As the contract currently stands, they will start paying liquidated damages if not complete by the late summer date stipulated."

Collins also said he was sorry to hear about Henderson's closing. 

Henderson's was a family-owned and operated business since 1948. It has been in its current location since 1955, according to its Facebook page.  

The Covington News will continue to provide updates as they become available.