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LETTER: Reader believes ‘rogue’ Republican Party must be opposed

To the Editor:

The Republican Party has gone rogue. 

They fear the fact that changing demographics will soon make white Americans a minority and are willing to do virtually anything to remain in power, even if it means condoning violence, restricting minority voting, shameless gerrymandering, and spreading outlandish lies and misinformation if it suits their purpose.  

They no longer even pretend to have a platform and instead attack Democrats and block their legislation. Under the guise of “taking back our schools,” they violently disrupt schoolboard meetings, try to control curriculum by whitewashing America’s dark history, censoring textbooks and libraries, and physically threatening board members who oppose them. 

They still refuse to condemn the Jan. 6 Capitol riots and instead support the groups who participated, including Q-Anon, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and many armed “militias.” 

Perhaps most dangerous and reckless is their continued obeisance to a one term, twice-impeached former president and serial liar who now chooses which Republican candidates are “loyal” enough to run and dictates the Republican stance on major issues, while he himself is governed only by greed and a lust for power. 

Republicans are falling all over each other to please their disturbingly large voter base, consisting largely of white supremacists, evangelical Christians, science-deniers, and those who oppose immigrants, LGBTQ rights, and democratic government in general. 

In short, they have evolved into a clear and present danger to the well-being of our republic, and until they return to being a responsible political party, they must be rigorously opposed.

Lucas Carpenter