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Notification software improves coordination efforts during emergencies

ATLANTA — Over the past two years, an alert software has helped the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency better coordinate emergency responses. 

The software, known as Rave, is an alert notification system that improves communication between emergency management personnel by enabling both individual and teams of emergency managers to subscribe to receive notifications sent through the program. The software was implemented in February 2018, and as of June 2019, GEMA/HS had completed the implementation of three major Rave protocols to all 159 counties. 

Tim Head, operations support analyst and WebEOC administrator for GEMA/HS, said the new notification system has become an integral part of emergency event communications. For example, during the recent weather event, GEMA/HS used Rave to send about 700 separate National Weather Service alerts to almost 2,500 affected Local Emergency Management Agency recipients. 

Rave has had a proven record of success when it comes to communicating during emergency incidents. 

“Undoubtedly, the biggest accomplishment was [Hurricane] Dorian,” Head said. “Rave gave us the ability to coordinate meetings, conferences and critical information across the interagency response enterprise, which includes counties, locals and unanticipated users.” 

Rave subscriptions among emergency managers in the area are steadily increasing, and are expected to continue doing so into next year. GEMA/HS is also utilizing Rave for a growing number of interagency notifications. 

“As familiarity with the system grows, local emergency managers are continuing to expand their subscriptions,” Head said. “The GEMA/HS Rave Helpdesk is available to assist local emergency managers in subscribing their key individuals to the protocols.” 

To contact the Rave Helpdesk and subscribe to the protocols, email