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Newton County Jail Log - July 30
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o Dominique Andre Bivins, 25, Conyers, July 17. Disorderly, public drunk.

o Kimberly Denise Black, 36, Monticllo, July 15. No proof of insurance, driving while license suspended.

o Kent Lawrence Brooks, 52, 60 Riverbend Court, Covington, July 15. DUI, improper lane usage.

o Christopher Deon Brown, 29, 330 Cowan Road, Covington, July 17. Rockdale County hold.

o Nelvin Brown Jr., 41, 4140 Lott St., Covington, July 15. False report of crime.

o Silvia Pena Cervantes, 41, Atlanta, July 15. Driving without license, failure to stop.

o William Tyrone Cornelius, 39, 50 Lakeside Trail, Covington, July 14. Interfering with a 911 call, false imprisonment.

o William Thomas Cromer, 41, Conyers, July 16. Violation of T.P.O.

o Margarito Cruz, 35, 8132 Lakeview, Covington, July 17. License required (surrender of), improper lane usage.

o Christina Marie Deal, 23, Monticello, July 16. First degree forgery.

o Damon Chad Etheredge, 25, 20 Walnut Ridge Court, Covington, July 18. Disorderly conduct.

o Devanner Rashoan Gibson, 17, 8110 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, July 16. Disorderly conduct.

o Michael Ray Ginn, 41, 175 Oak Hill West, Covington, July 15. No driver’s license, no tail lights, no proof of insurance, use of license plate to misrepresent, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, possession and use of drug related objects.

o Travis Dwayne Grier, 29, 365 Lovers Lane Road, Covington, July 18. Aggravated assault.

o Piotr Grezesiak, 32, Norcross, July 15. Public drunkenness.

o Frank Hadley IV, 30, Albany, July 15. Child support default.

o Michael O’Neal Hammonds, 42, 3160 Corley St., Covington, July 20. Theft by shoplifting.

o Tivar Thalmus Harrell, 27, 55 Beaver Dam Lane, Covington, July 17. Cruelty to animals.

o Tricirica Shalamoan Howard, 20, 8119 Moore St., Covington, July 14. Disorderly conduct.

o Jo Anne Jeff, 51, 10126 Morris Dr., Covington, July 16. Public drunkenness.

o Tiah Laree Johnson, 33, 75 Trelawney Bend, Covington, July 14. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, Family Violence Act simple battery.

o Chelsea Annelizabeth Jones, 18, 260 Rosewood Circle, Covington, July 18. Furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor.

o Butso Bulo Kandol, 26, 3400 Salem Road, Apt. 154 D, Covington, July 18. False imprisonment, simple assault.

o Jason Wayne Lindsey, 31, 105 Meadow Overlook Dr., Covington, July 18. Aggravated assault, Family Violence Act aggravated assault, third degree cruelty to children, possession of firearm or knife while committing crime.