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Thacker Chiropractic
Offices in Conyers, Social Circle
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Steven and Mitch Thacker have more than 40 years of combined experience in chiropractic medicine, so if you have muscular or skeletal problems or pain, go to Thacker Chiropractic and they can find out what’s wrong and treat you.

"We treat all kinds of spinal pain, low, mid and high back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, knees, elbow and hips and radiating leg and arm pain" Steven Thacker said. "We show you how pain is related to joint, muscle and skeletal problems. We diagnose and treat all of that."

Their years of experience allow the Thackers to treat those more common pain as well as more specialized problems. Mitch Thacker is a orthopedic specialist, while Steven Thacker specialized in sports injuries.

There are some common misconceptions about chiropractors including the thought that when you to a chiropractor for treatment, you have to keep going back indefinitely.

"There is a diagnosis, a beginning of treatment and then relief of the case. Hopefully, a patient gets better to the point where we can release them, and they can go on with their daily living," Steven Thacker said. "There is a beginning, middle and end; this is not a forever care plan."

Another misconception is that all chiropractors are against using medicinal drugs.

"Speaking for our office, a lot of the time we work hand-in-hand with medial doctors. We work to get the patient better. Sometimes they need medication and sometimes they don’t," Thacker said.

Thacker Chiropractic is accepted under most major insurance plans, and, in most cases, patients don’t need doctor referrals, they can simply go straight to the office.

Thacker Chiropractic has offices in Conyers and Social Circle.