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Buy local...Fat Boys Golf Carts
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Fat Boys Golf Carts
Address: 1595 Access Road, Suite B
Telephone: 678-625-0711
Web site:
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat 9-2

Fat Boys Golf Carts was established in 2004 after owner Steve Smallwood began selling them in front of his locally owned convenience store.

"I was selling more golf carts than the store could handle," Smallwood said. "I saw that it was working so I decided to move up."

Fat Boys is an EZ-GO dealer but sells Club Car and Yamaha too. Fat Boys also sells scooters, four-wheelers and golf cart accessories. Able to supply your golf cart with the body of a '57 Chevy or an H2 Hummer, Fat Boys has endless choices of what they can do to customize your cart.

"You will be surprised with what we can do to a golf cart," Smallwood said.

Fat Boys is able to do whatever you can think of when it comes to customizing.

"We do lift kits, headlights, custom paint jobs, radios or cargo boxes," said Heath Mathews, Fat Boys sales representative. "I have seen golf carts range from having AM/FM radios to full out sound systems. Some even go as far as putting in touch-screen radios or drop down televisions."

Recently the city of Covington passed a golf cart ordinance that allows them to be driven in certain areas within city limits.

"Business has really been picking up since the law has been passed," Mathews said. "We had a lady come in the other day and buy her 16-year-old son a golf cart to drive to work everyday on the square."

In order to obtain a permit to drive a golf cart, there is an application and inspection process that must be completed. Applications can be picked up at Fat Boys, while the Covington Police Department must perform the inspection. By law, the golf cart must have head and tail lights, turn signals, horn, mirror, windshield and brake lights. Fat Boys has a Covington special for $499.95 that will take care of all accessories needed to make you cart street-legal.

If you are interested in a golf cart, whether it is a plain Jane or a suited-up cart, Fat Boys has something to offer everyone.