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$3,000 grant allows Newton County farm to have 100% grass fed animals
The Nation's Farm
The Nation’s Farm in Covington is owned by Malachi and Alayjah Muhammad. (Special | The Nation’s Farm)

COVINGTON, Ga. — The Nation’s Farm in Covington was among farms and ranches in 27 states to receive grants from a national nonprofit that seeks more humane treatment of farm animals.

The grant came from Chicago-based Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT), which works to ensure that all food-producing animals are raised in a humane and healthy manner, a news release stated. 

FACT’s grant was designed to expand humane farming and increase pasture-based livestock production, the release stated.

The Nation’s Farm, owned by Malachi and Alayjah Muhammad, received a grant for $3,000 to install a perimeter fence to increase access to pasture for broiler chickens and laying hens and to sheep for grazing.

“This grant will be responsible for our animals being able to be 100% grass fed and also keep predators in check which has been a huge problem on our farm,” the owners said in a statement.

As a result of the funding, “residents of Covington and the surrounding community will have greater access to healthy, humanely-raised food options for their families,” said Larissa McKenna, FACT’s Humane Farming Program director.

“We are pleased to team up with The Nation’s Farm to improve animal welfare this year,” McKenna said.

“We believe that partnering with — and investing in — humane farmers is one of the best ways to make a difference in the lives of food-producing animals.”

The owners said the funding will allow the farm to rotate its animals and give the grass “rest periods.”

“This will result in greener grass that will not be eaten to stubs. Rotating animals keeps parasites and intestinal worms in check, which will otherwise be a problem from stationary grazing.”  

This year, FACT has awarded 60 grants totaling more than $170,000 to farmers and ranchers across 27 states.

Since 2012, FACT has awarded a total of 521 grants totaling over $857,000 to farmers across 44 states, directly benefiting an estimated 735,000 animals, a news release stated.  

A recent 2022 survey of past grant recipients found that the grants have produced a wide range of long-term benefits. 

Overall, 98% of farmers reported that their FACT-funded projects improved animal welfare, 95% experienced a positive environmental impact, and 88% found that the grant improved their farm’s financial viability, the release stated.

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