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HOOPS PREVIEW: Lady Rams ‘willing, ready’ for state title run
Rams head coach Tiffani Johnson and her staffed have primarily focused on getting the players mentally prepared for the season head over the summer. - photo by Covington News/File Photo

COVINGTON, Ga. – Being ready is defined by different measurements for different teams. The Newton Lady Rams, heading into the 2021 season, are still developing what being ready means to them. 

Nevertheless, head coach Tiffani Johnson has clearly set forth what this year’s team is getting ready for. 

“Our theme is being willing and ready,” Johnson said. “First, what does being ready mean? What does that ready look like? We’re defining that as a team what ‘ready’ is. And the second part is are you willing to do it? So, we’re going to be willing and ready to win a state championship this year and that’s going to be our focus.” 

Even so, the Lady Rams haven’t focused on the physical part of the game this offseason as much as they have the mental part. Johnson has spent this summer trying to get her players mentally prepared for the upcoming season. 

So, before the Lady Rams move to the drawing board, their main concern is making sure the players are thinking clearly when they step on the court. 

“Are our minds and hearts right to be able to receive the X’s and O’s?,” Johnson said. “I think we’ve done a good job in the preseason just getting the girls mentally ready for the hard work we need to get going and now for their workouts.”

Be that as it may, Johnson believes she has a well-rounded nucleus returning to the 2021 Lady Rams’ squad. 

Lerekia Terrell returns as a post presence. Tre-Miyah Berry is entering her sophomore year looking to make huge contributions as well as Sanaa Tripp. Their head coach labeled seniors Ashleigh Norris, Kyla Price and Breyonna Rhodes all leaders for this year’s team, too. 

All of these players plus some will help provide a collection of puzzle pieces to help Newton make a deep run this season, according to Johnson. 

With that, Johnson has high hopes for her team’s chances to make some noise in 2021. 

“We’ll need commitment to accomplish our goals,” Johnson said. “Regardless of a win or loss, stay committed to the goals. We need to expect the struggle and use it as a means to get ready for the ring.”