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Earning college credits in high school with Dual Enrollment
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Coordinators Eric Cuevas and Jeff Meadors show students some literature about the Dual Enrollment and other collect credit programs.

 Dual Enrollment, Move On When Ready Information Session: 6-8 p.m. Jan. 27, Rockdale Career Academy Auditorium, 1064 Culpepper Drive, Conyers


Move On When Ready requirements
- Students must be Georgia residents enrolled in a public high school and must have attended a public high school in Georgia during the previous school year.
- Students must meet the college admission requirements for dual enrollment.
- Students choose from a list of courses approved by the State Board of Education.
- Students may take online classes through the college.
This dual enrollment program is funded through state funds arranged by the Georgia Department of Education. The use of these funds does not impact the funds available to students for the HOPE scholarship.

About Dual Enrollment
- You can use either ACT or SAT scores for admission.
- You need a combined SAT Critical Reading and SAT Math score 970, and must have scores of least Critical Reading 480 and Math 440.
-  Or, you need an ACT composite score of 20 with minimum scores of ACT English 20 and ACT Math 18.

More high school students are flocking their way to Georgia Perimeter College for the opportunity to achieve a two-year degree before graduating high school.

College-bound students in Georgia have a choice of three paths available to those who wish to earn college credit before graduating from high school: Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate. While DE is a cooperative effort between the high schools and one or more local colleges, AP and IB are programs offered by the high schools and generally taught by high school teachers.

Currently, GPC’s Newton campus has the highest number of MOWR students of all GPC campuses - over 130 students from spring 2010 to spring 2011— an increase of over 45 percent. From Rockdale County, 33 students from Heritage are participating, with two graduating in May with a two-year associate's degree along with their high school diploma, nine students from Salem, and four students from Rockdale County High School.

MOWR, or HB 149, became effective in July 2010. The new law has been instrumental in drawing in high school students, permitting juniors and seniors to attend post-secondary institutions like GPC as full-time students. They would earn course credits that will be applied toward high school graduation and college. Their tuition is guaranteed by the Georgia Department of Education, though they will be responsible for the cost of books.

GPC Dual Enrollment coordinator Jeff Meadors handles these programs for Newton Campus and serves the south clusters of Gwinnett, Social Circle City, Walton, Morgan, Butts, Jasper, Henry, Rockdale, Putnam and Newton.


According to Meadors, the advisement of College Credit Now students is critical, as they cannot risk one incorrect class registration.

"Trust is at the crux of all that I do in Dual Enrollment," said Meadors. "I do not place high enrollment over what is in the best interest of a student. Without trust, the program will not flourish as it should."

Meadors and his team of advisers meet with the students, their parent/guardian and the counselor face-to-face to make certain the student graduates on time, maintains class rank, and fulfills core area requirements for their four-year degree.

GPC will hold an informational meeting at 6 p.m. Jan. 27 at the Rockdale Career Academy auditorium. The dual enrollment office will present a brief summary of MOWR, JE, and DE programs with an overview of funding, course selections, orientation-type information.

For more information, call (770)278-1270 or email Also visit and