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Letter to the editor... Good Marshall/healthcare coverage
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Dear Editor: Thank you for your fine coverage of the meeting at the Newton Medical Center on August 19 concerning pending legislation on Healthcare Reform. The comments of Dr. Steven Whitworth concerning controlling waste in the medical delivery system were particularly pertinent. As you reported, he commented on the waste caused by unchecked medical malpractice claim awards. I share Dr. Whitworth’s concerns. I agree that reducing the costs of medical delivery is key to any meaningful healthcare reform and, further that significant waste can be found in the many costs associated with malpractice issues. I have corresponded with Congressman Jim Marshall on several occasions about pending Healthcare Reform Legislation. I have found Congressman Jim Marshall to be fully responsive to input from his constituents. I hope that you will continue to shine light on the need for treatment of the medical malpractice issue. I believe it is key to any long term improvement in our Healthcare System.

Brien Hallmark

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