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Letter to the editor... An embarrassment to Covington
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Dear Editor: I am a 78-year-old woman, and I agree with a recent letter in your paper from Mr. Harry Long. When our ladies group goes to a local restaurant with a bar, we see these girls — floozies — in the parking lots. They are half-naked and look like tattooed freaks who just arrived from a Nevada brothel. They act indecently and will wallow all over any man who will let them. I see what Mr. Long was talking about as these women seem to want to sell sex, probably for drugs. These women do all appear to be white and are an embarrassment to Covington. A few years ago you saw nothing like this in Covington, and now it is everywhere. I attend church every Sunday, and I never see any of these women on Sunday morning going to church. It is sad to think that these women may have children and this is part of what our future holds for us.

Mae Banks