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LETTER: Carolyn Redfearn

Dear Editor,

As a residence in a 55+ Senior Community, I am so disappointed in our City Council Members and our Mayor.  We attended several council meetings opposing the building of apartments behind our community , and these will not be senior apartments.

The traffic is so horrible near the by pass,  where we are located.  We have a very difficult time exiting Malcolm Drive onto Eagle Dr.  When the residence that move into the apartments behind us( and they are allowed to drive through our community to exit onto Eagle Drive) it will be a total backup.  Plus, the peace and quietness will be gone, strangers will drive and walk through our community, and the city council nor our Mayor had no empathy for our community or the citizens of Corrydell.

We feel that we are not important and that what could bring the value of our homes down, the peaceful and safe living conditions, none of these mean nothing to the council or the mayor.

We ask for more respect and for another opportunity to come before the council and mayor to work out a more agreeable solution for all parties .


Carolyn Redfearn