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Today is final day to give input on Newton school policy changes
Policy review

Today, May 14, is the last day for giving feedback to the Newton County School System on proposed policy changes. 

Any feedback may be emailed to Sherri Davis, Director of Public Relations for Newton County Schools, at by today, May 14. 

The policies under review can be linked below: 

• Policy EEE-Wellness Program:

• Policy GAE-Complaints and Grievances:

• Policy GBIA-Teacher Evaluation:

• Policy IBB-Charter Schools:

• Policy IDDD-Gifted Student Programs:

• Policy IFBC-Media Programs:

• Policy IHE-Promotion and Retention:

• Policy JB-Student Attendance:

• Policy JBCC-Student Assignment:

• Policy JRA-Student Data Privacy Complaints:

For more information, visit