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Deputy Superintendent Dennis Carpenter named one of ASCDs 2010 Emerging Leaders
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County School System is pleased to announce that Dr. Dennis Carpenter, Deputy Superintendent for Newton County Schools, was recently selected as one of 30 educators for ASCD’s (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) 2010 class of Emerging Leaders. The program’s goal is to prepare young, ambitious educators to fulfill ASCD leadership roles and empower each cohort to make an impact on education policy and practice on a local and national level. This year’s diverse group broadly spans regional and professional spectrums. The leaders hail from metropolitan, suburban, and rural areas across the United States, and their professional roles include principals, instructors, program directors, and a growing number of university-level educators.  “ASCD relies on the strong leadership of our members to ensure that we continue to be an effective, meaningful force for education,” said ASCD Executive Director Gene R. Carter. “We developed the Emerging Leaders program to connect the inspired, driven leaders of today with resources and opportunities that will enable them to influence and contribute to the greater field of education, as well as ASCD leadership, at the highest capacity.” “I am humbled by this opportunity to work closely with talented educational leaders, from around the nation, to positively impact educational policy and practices both locally and nationwide,” said Dr. Carpenter.  “There is an unexplainable level of professional excitement associated with having the chance to participate in professional learning, active research and scholarly writing under the guidance of the proven leadership of ASCD officials.” To begin fostering professional growth, Dr. Carpenter will be paired with an ASCD mentor—a Board member, Leadership Council member, affiliate leader, or other high-level contributor—who will provide support and help guide leadership progress and development over a two-year period. He will also attend ASCD’s Leader to Leader (L2L) event in late July to participate in hot-topic sessions and geographically based groupings and share best resources, practices, and models. Throughout the program, leaders will have the opportunity to pursue various roles—such as serving on ASCD’s Legislative Committee, ASCD’s Annual Conference Planning Committee and contributing to ASCD publications like Educational Leadership—that not only match their current strengths, but also empower them to continue to grow as leaders.  “New to Newton County, it’s gratifying to recognize one of Newton’s own as a member of ASCD’s distinguished cohort of emerging leaders,” said NCSS Superintendent Gary Mathews. “ASCD, for all of my 35 years in public education, has been the nation’s leading voice for curriculum development and the supervision of instruction.  Dr. Carpenter will learn a lot and I expect him to share with the rest of us what he gets out of this outstanding opportunity.  Learning organizations, like NCSS, profit when its leaders are well schooled.  Moreover, the students benefit.” ASCD is an educational leadership organization dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each learner. Our 170,000 members in 136 countries are professional educators from all levels and subject areas––superintendents, supervisors, principals, teachers, professors of education, and school board members.