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Buy local...Green Livin' Farms
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Green Livin’ Farms
Address: 12592 U.S. Highway 278, Covington
Phone: (678) 342-8895
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Everyone wants to eat organic produce, but the prices are prohibitive for many. That's where the local Green Livin' Farms come in, offering locally-grown, daily-picked produce at the same prices as normal produce at the supermarket.

Most of Green Livin's produce comes from Owner Darrell Head's one-acre farm, located in the River Cove subdivision, just a few miles down the road from the store's U.S. Highway 278 and Ga. Highway 142 location at "The Hub."

Farm Manager Amy Smith delivers freshly-picked vegetables once or twice a day, while organic milk and eggs are available from family farms in Newborn and Mansfield. The cows are grass-fed, the chickens free-range, and the growth hormones and antibiotics non existent.

Green Livin' Farms was started this year, and because fruit trees take a couple of years to grow and bear fruit, some of the fruit comes from outside Newton County, but it's all still organic Georgia produce.

The summer produce is still in season, and customers can buy refreshing favorites like cucumbers, tomatoes and watermelon. But as calendar pages turn, employee Mandy Corley said the fall produce will be in soon, including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, baby carrots, lettuce, mustard greens, radishes, turnips and turnip greens. In addition, a second planning of tomatoes and squash means those will be available into October.

Green Livin' opened this July and Corley said the community has responded well to the store.
"Business has been real steady. We have lots of regulars, which is really fun, and we still have tons of people who stop by who didn't even know we were open," Corley said.

Head and Manager Katherine Roper had a vision to provide high-quality, local, organic food at an affordable price, while at the same providing local jobs, about eight of them. Head got involved in the business when Corley and Roper taught a class at their local church about the benefits of eating healthy and eating organic.

"Darrell got on board, but when he started buying organic he found it was very expensive at the store, so he decided to join the cause and help out by opening his own farm. He doesn't do anything half-way," Corley said with a laugh.

Most of Green Livin's prices can compare with regular produce at the store, giving everyone the opportunity to buy organic. Green Livin's produce is not USDA Certified Organic, because the complicated and expensive process would raise the prices substantially. Instead, Green Livin' follows the same practices and provides fresher food to its customers at a better price.