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Buy local: Deacons Corner
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Deacon’s Corner

Address: In Newton Plaza, next to Subway

Phone: 404-218-9582

The Rev. Warren Williams depends on God to lead him in all matters of life, from faith to business. It’s appropriate then that William’s opened his own Christian-themed variety store, Deacon’s Corner in Newton Plaza, on a leap of faith at the directing of God.

Williams has never owned his own business and hadn’t even considered the proposition, until a newly-found friend gave him the idea and helped me him plan out his store.

Last year Williams ended up in Laredo, Texas, ministering to a young man in need of spiritual guidance; who also happened to own a collectibles store.

Later, Williams realized his Social Security Insurance wouldn’t be enough to fully support him in retirement; he began looking for additional income, a flexible job that he would enjoy. That’s when he turned to his friend for guidance on how to open and run his own business.

"He and his helped me with the idea," Williams said previously. "I didn’t want to work for anyone else; I wanted to be my own boss. This also allows me to take off time for Deacon’s duty and to volunteer at Newton Medical Center. I’m trying to do something to earn a little extra money … and help people at the same time."

Deacon’s Corner can’t be defined as anything but a variety store , selling anything from Bibles to Avon products to bow ties. Williams puts the most focus on his Bibles and other Christian literature. He sells a whole range of Bibles from an everyday $5 copy to the huge, $100 study Bible, with pages and pages of footnotes and explanatory references to help modern readers understand the ancient text.

Williams takes special orders for almost any non-fiction Christian book people need, and he doesn’t mark up the price. He’s there to help people get what they need and to spread God’s word as best as he can.

Besides the Christian literature, Williams sells Christian-themed T-shirts and hats, watches, cuff links, purses, art and even model cars; inexpensive knickknacks that make good gifts.

Williams opened his store in April, and like most businesses during the economy, he’s seen some slow going, but he’s hoping to become more established as he begins to advertise and more people see his store in Newton Plaza. Opening the store was a risk, but he felt called to do it.

"It’s something I preach, walking by faith, not by sight," he said with a smile.