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Newton County all-area dream team

Ever wonder what a football team composed of the best players and the best coaches of Newton County’s three high schools would look like? Well, we’re here to answer that question with the Newton County All-Area football team.

The team includes 11 players on defense and offense, and two return specialists. As always with these decisions, they’re difficult to make and there is no slight to anyone that didn’t make this list. There were a lot of names to consider, but we could only pick so many.

Each player that made the team had some significant impact on their team and contributed greatly to their success. There are multiple players to consider at each position between the three schools, but so few positions to fill.

Some players play both sides of the ball and multiple positions, and that’s the same case with the all-area team.

Head Coach - Terrance Banks: Banks led Newton to arguably its best season in school history and the first playoff win since 1987. His team finished 7-4 (two regular season games were cancelled due to bad weather) and made it to the third round of the state playoffs. Banks’ bravado and his dancing before games are his trademarks, but so is winning and he’d be a great fit for a team packed with talent.

Offensive Coordinator - Rick Hurst: Hurst and his team aren’t too shabby themselves, especially on offense. The team was 7-5 on the season going 1-1 in the playoffs. One of the special things about them was the fact that through 12 games, they only scores less than 21 points twice. Hurst would have these players breaking records in points.

Defensive Coordinator - Kirk Hoffman: Alcovy went winless on the season but in each game their defense was the best thing to watch. The team gave up a lot of points because of turnovers from the offense, otherwise the team held up solidly despite the youth and inexperience on the team. Give Hoffman this talent and see what he can do.

First team offense

Romario Johnson (Quarterback, Newton)

Carlos Huggins (Running back, Eastside)

Kenyon Kelley (Running back, Alcovy)

Davonta Jones (Wide receiver, Newton)

Josh Sims (Wide receiver, Eastside)

Deandre Huff (Wide Receiver, Newton)

Vinny Jengelley (Offensive lineman, Newton)

Nuka Yobo (Offensive lineman, Newton)

Jason Cloer (Offensive lineman, Eastside)

Ty Hollingsworth (Offensive lineman, Eastside)

Chandler Sweat (Offensive lineman, Eastside)

First team defense

Nuka Yoba (Defensive lineman, Newton)

Eli Galloway (Defensive lineman, Eastside)

Jaquan Henderson (Defensive lineman, Newton)

Jazztin Jefferson (Defensive lineman, Alcovy)

AJ Polamino (Middle linebacker, Newton)

Micha Hart (Outside linebacker, Eastside)

Arthur Holmes (Outside linebacker, Eastside)

Steven Montac (Cornerback, Newton)

Taj Horton (Cornerback, Eastside)

D’Anthony Bell (Safety, Alcovy)

Davonta Jones (Safety, Newton)

Special Teams/Returners

D’Anthony Bell (Alcovy)

Deandre Huff (Newton)