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Suspected serial killer had Rockdale history

An Atlanta man accused of fatally shooting four people - two homeless people, a mentally ill man and a Cobb County hairstylist - was a Rockdale County resident over a decade ago and had a run-in with law enforcement while in the area.

Aeman Lovel Presley, now 34, was involved in a family violence dispute in Rockdale on April 19, 2003, where he threatened to shoot and kill his mother, her friend and the deputies called to the scene.

According to the deputy's report obtained by The News, Presley said, "I'm going to shoot holes in everybody."

His mother, now 68, called deputies around 4 a.m. to a neighbor's residence in the 2100 block of Fairway Court after her son allegedly hit, pushed, kicked and choked her in the residence they both lived in. Presley's mother told deputies that they were having a discussion about how difficult it had been for Presley to save money to take a trip to Los Angles, California, according to the report.

"I said something wrong, and he just went off on me," his mother said about Presley, who was allegedly intoxicated during the encounter.

When Presley was confronted about the incident he corroborated his mother's accusations, but also stated that he couldn't be responsible for his actions because he was just being what his parents made him out to be.

"Mr. Presley continued to talk about how his life was messed up by the things his mother said to him, calling him ‘the devil', and that he was ‘the son of Satan,'" the deputy wrote in his report.

After talking calmly with deputies about how he was learning more and getting closer to God and how he wanted to go to Los Angeles, Presley confronted his mother about the domestic violence incident in a loud tirade using vulgar language and made threats on her life.

The deputy wrote in his report that it appeared more than just alcohol was affecting Presley's behavior.

"Mr. Presley was behaving in a highly tumultuous manner, his arms waving all about, walking in shorten, quick steps, and shouting obscenities as if trying to wake-up the neighborhood," the deputy wrote. "In short, Mr. Presley was acting like he was on drugs being so violently animated with his gestures."

His mother told deputies that he used cocaine in years past, but she hadn't seen him using anything recently.

According to the report, Presley resisted arrest after making the threats and then led deputies on a foot chase through the neighborhood. He was eventually caught and arrested a short time later.

Presley was charged with simple assault, obstruction of a law enforcement officer and making terroristic threats and acts for the incident.

Presley's mother also stated that he was supposed to be taking anger management classes stemming from "some kind of assault" that occurred in December 2002. In that incident, he had threatened the manager of the Conyers Crossing Carmike Cinema and another employee when he was fired. The manager had asked for a deputy to be close by when she fired him because he was "prone to violence."

Presley's mother told deputies, "I've made excuses for him before, but not anymore. Not now after all this... You do what you can for you child, and I've prayed and prayed for him to straighten up his act, but my prayers aren't being answered."

Presley was charged again in April 2006 with simple battery for an incident that occured on March 29, 2006 and was reportedly sentenced to time in jail.

More than a decade later, Presley has run into trouble with the law again.

Presley is now being charged with two counts of murder for the Nov. 23 shooting death of Dorian Jenkins and the Nov. 26 shooting death of Tommy Mims, according to a report by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

Decatur police have also charged Presley with murder in connection with Karen Pearce's death, the AJC reports. Pearce, 44, worked full time at True Salon. Her body was spotted this past weekend near an office building.

The AJC is also reporting that Presley will be charged in the Sept. 27 fatal shooting of Calvin Gholston, a 54-year-old schizophrenic whose body was found in Decatur.

Presley was arrested Dec. 11 by MARTA police at the Georgia State rail station after attempting to enter the fare gates without paying, according to a report from the AJC. A loaded revolver and a box of ammunition that were found on him matched the revolver police say was used in the shootings of Jenkins and Mims.

He's currently in Fulton County Jail.

Presley had aspirations to be an actor and played roles in two movies that were released in in 2008 and 2009, according to the Internet Movie Database.