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Local mom supports "Duets" contestant daughter

 With eight No. 1 singles and several Grammys, American Country Music and Country Music Awards under her belt, it is obvious to mostly everyone that Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles is the person to beat on the new ABC show Duets which premiered last night at 8/7c.

"The concept of Duets is so fresh because its mentoring is active and participatory," Nettles said in a comment on Duets website. "Most of my greatest learning was from singing and playing with other performers throughout my life and career. To have had the opportunity to perform with an established artist would have been so incredible when I was up and coming."

When trying to find her duet partner, Nettles made a few phones calls to her mom, former Eastside High School teacher and Newton County resident teacher Carla Temple for help.

Douglas County resident John Glosson is the owner of a special events and wedding business located in Coffee County. He has been singing since he was a child.

After receiving his audition tapes and hearing Glosson live, Jennifer recognized the talent her mother had seen.

In a comment on the Duet website he said he considers it "a huge honor" to be working with Nettles, his "hometown hero."

"We hit it off pretty well," Nettles said. "We have similar history being from the same hometown. He is the musical director at my grandmother's church and we even figured out we were in the same artist troop; however we have not met until now."

Temples is elated everything worked out.

"I am excited that it worked out for them to perform together on the show," she said.