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Kathy Harvey
Conyers mayoral candidates on the issues
Kathy Harvey


Family: Son and a daughter and two granddaughters

Education: Student at California University of Pennsylvania, (Calu) finishing up a MS in Law and Public Policy.

Web site:


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Conyers mayoral candidate facing felony charges in Newton County

Challenger Kathy Harvey said she originally was interested in a position centered on the economic development of the city and county, such as with the Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Council, but decided to throw her hat in for the mayoral bid instead.

"I have always been very concerned about safety, residential tax burdens, failed or tabled planning progress reports, transportation (infrastructure) and economic development," Harvey said in an e-mail.

"I desire to put my planning and management experience to work to help build a better Conyers. I would like to implement ideas and strategy to build up our business districts and attract new industries to take the property tax burden off homeowners. As a recent small business owner, I understand small business development is the economic engine that drives our economy, and that creative approaches to revenue enhancement are key when addressing the long-term financial health of a municipality."

"I would also like to implement the workable solutions available that will enhance our ability to prevent crime in our communities by providing less costly alternatives to uniformed police personnel."

In previous interviews, she described a business improvement district management plan she had written that had required 51 percent buy in of area businesses that she had presented to the city council in 2005. In that interview, she said the city was behind compared to other cities in using financial mechanisms such as a business improvement district.

"We are just behind. It was foresight when I began to do business in the community back in 2002. I had worked in Savannah. I helped to build a historic business district. You build community with financial mechanisms."

The city had approved a Tax Allocation District at the end of 2007.

Harvey also cited the upcoming potential SPLOST referendum in 2011 as one of the most important financial issues facing the city.

On her Web site, Harvey described why she was running for mayor. "Many stakeholders including myself have participated many years in the planning process for the vision for our city. There is concern that the plans either become stagnant or lie dormant. ‘Make me your Mayor and I promise to bring our vision to life.’"