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Fat Boys Golf Carts zooms into new location
Fat Boys Golf Carts opened its doors to the community nearly five years ago and business is booming so much, they recently had to move to a larger location on Old Atlanta Highway.

"People just like golf carts," said sales representative Heath Mathews. Although the legalization of driving street-legal golf carts in some areas is helping sales, most of their business is from the everyday enthusiast. Only one in 50 orders goes to an actual golfer, said Matthews.

The dealership is owned by Steve Smallwood and is managed by his daughter Cindal Smallwood. It is a family business that is service oriented.

Fat Boys Golf Carts is an EZ GoTM Dealership and offers rentals for daily, weekly and monthly usage. Owners of golf carts are also welcome to bring in all makes and models of carts and have them repaired, refurbished and accessorized. One can also have a cart custom painted - a service only Fat Boys offers.
"Nobody wants just a plain golf cart" anymore, said Mathews. Custom accessories can range from stereo systems, adjusted seats, heaters, enclosures and a lift kit if desired.

Mathews enjoys the service that the business brings to the community in terms of convenience by taking the stress out of getting around. He also mentioned that the age range of customers is very diverse.
"One of the better satisfactions for me is when a young married couple chooses to hop in their cart and ride into the town square for dinner," said Mathews. "That is definitely more convenient than being in a car and driving around looking for a space to park."

To drive in permitted areas, golf carts need to meet the standards required by law such as head and tail lights, turn signals and everything that makes them safe as driving a motorized car. Golf carts can be parked in non-traditional parking spaces, Mathews pointed out. Just be careful not to block exists, handicapped spaces or fire hydrants.

Whether you rent or purchase a golf cart, driving one can be a great cost savings. It helps the environment and is a fun way to get around as well.

Fat Boys Golf Carts is located at 10445 Old Atlanta Hwy, Covington and can be reached at 678-625-0711.