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Man on the Street: What would you like to see in the Covington Town Center?
Maggie Cato

The Covington News took to the street to find out what you, the people of Covington, want to see in the upcoming Covington Town Center on Alcovy Road.  Here’s what you had to say:

Kristy Stubbs-Henderson:  “As a real estate professional, it’s good to see there’s other things that are going to bring young professionals to our area, we are growing as an environment.”

Daniel Rivera: “A theater.”  Rivera has two daughters who enjoy going to see movies with and said he would appreciate a theater that is closer than Carmike Cinemas in Conyers.

Megan Whitaker: “I want more small town boutiques.”

James Sherrill: “Better restaurants and better shopping.”  Sherill went on to say that “it’s sort of the natural progression of Covington…you have to develop.” 

Maggie Cato: “Local Artists…we have a lot of talent in this city and there’s not even galleries around here.” 

Kaye Plitt: “I’d like to see more shopping.  I don’t think we have anywhere to get a quick gift, like if you’re going to a wedding.”