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Man on the Street: How would you bring businesses into Newton County?

Newton County has been enjoying some economic growth recently.  The Covington Town Center, among other developments, will give businesses room to arrive and grow.  How would you get those business to come here?

William Diggs: “These power lines.  Newton County could really clean up and make it look beautiful if they put in underground powerlines…that would be Snapping Shoals’ obligation….I think if we get that cleaned up…things like that will beatify the county and it will also bring in people that are interested in living in a nice place.”

Steven Springer: “I would try to utilize the Municipal Airport out there, which is a nice big airport.”  Springer went on to say, “They need to take advantage of the pharmaceutical industry in this area.  And possibly build a larger complex for entertainment.” 

Carl Jones: “I think the first that I would do is create an industrial area so we can bring businesses that would create more jobs and not just small jobs.  Similar to what they have done in Stanton Springs.  I think tax breaks bringing businesses here is always a good thing. Also, one of the critical things is to improve our education system here in Newton County so we can have jobs come in with people to actually fill those jobs.”

Robert Osborne: Osborne is satisfied with the current development, saying, “I think they’re doing a great job” with what Newton County is already doing to bring in business.