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Man on the Street: What restaurant do you want to see come to Newton County?

Chili’s celebrated its groundbreaking Tuesday.  That means local residents will have an added choice on the menu when deciding where to go out to eat.  What choices would you like to see in the future?

Noah Ferguson: “I would love to see Five Guys Burgers come to Covington because they always have great food and every time I have been to the one in Athens they had great service.” 

Jandi Pope: “Chinese Buddha.  It’s in downtown Atlanta and it’s too good.”  It is worth noting that there was emphasis placed on “too good.” 

Calvin Maddox: “I would like to see more gluten-free restaurants.”

Suzan Pease: “I would like a Starbucks so I can wake up.”

Heather Stiles: “Better seafood restaurants.”

Cindy Dial: “I’d just like a good coffee shop that has sandwiches.”  Dial said that she would like the shop to be one where the customer is waited on and seated. 

Dianne Biron: “As far as restaurants, I’d like to see more Asian food…I’m a sushi person so anything Japanese.”