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Man on the Street: How would you improve traffic around The Square?

The City of Covington tested four-way stop intersections just off The Covington Square in an attempt to ease the increasingly untenable traffic situation.  How would you make the traffic better?

Amy Williams: “They go back and forth with the four-way stops and the light and no light.  I haven’t seen a whole lot of difference either way.  I have noticed that most people don’t understand how to use a four-way stop.  So, in that aspect, lights are nice because people understand that red means no and green means go.”

Tommy Green: “I’m not sure what we can do to improve traffic on the square, honestly.  We don’t have room to make more lanes, two way traffic is not really going to help anything.  It just is what it is.” 

Melanie Wilder: “I think the traffic has gotten worse because of all the interest in the square.  With more shops and more restaurants comes more traffic and less parking.  It almost needs a perimeter…a way to move it around the square.”  Wilder says that, overall, the flow seems to be improving, except during lunchtime. 

Sheila Walton: “A roundabout would help traffic in Newton County.”

Connor Walton: “Probably a light, at least something more than what is going on right now because if we leave it their own devices then, as you can see, there is a lot of chaos without any order.”  Walton glanced across a lot filled with honking horns and motionless tires. 

Robert Finney: “I think putting the stop signs up hindered it more.  It’d be nice if they could turn it into a circle…a roundabout to keep the traffic flowing.”