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Man on the Street: How do you take out the trash?

Waste disposal is a hot topic around Newton County these days.  The Covington News wants your take on the issue.  Here is what we found so far.

Nancy Head: “I don’t have a whole lot.  I do recycle and I have always brought my recycle down to the one in town.  For our big stuff, we typically take it to the big landfill.  The problem is, when you have a little bit of stuff we would take it to the centers.  Now it’s kind of building up because someone is going to have to run to the landfill.” 

Jeanie Whitehead: “I see there’s a lot of controversy.  I prefer curbside.  We originally did use recycling centers.  We didn’t have a problem with that, we paid the $50.  We’re still going and doing that, but I would love to have the curbside.”

Matthew Ledbetter: “The convenience center.  Love the convenience center… I think the convenience centers, for this kind of county with this population density, are very important.  And I disagree with the Council Commission’s decision to shut down a lot of the convenience centers.”

Betty Bohler: “I have my own private service…I am 70 something years old, I can’t be going to the landfill and they want to charge you if you do go to the landfill.  Maybe that’s not all bad, but I think they should provide a pickup service and keep the place clean.” 

Joe Stier: “I go to the convenience centers for recycling and then we have curbside pickup with Burgess. And we’ve been real happy with them and I’m wondering if this change is going to increase my costs.”

Barbara Morgan: “I’m a city resident so we have city trash pickup…I understand the controversy there is right now with the proposed potential contract with the hauler for curbside, but the contract can be made better.  It’s going to be made better.  It’s getting legal review from both sides.  We have to believe in the Solid Waste Authority. “