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Man on the Street: Are you ready for warmer weather?

With some weather estimates putting Friday’s high at 80, we are finally coming out of winter and seemed to have skipped spring.  Are you ready for the heat?

Dalton Gilmore: “Yes, I am so ready because I’m ready to go to the lake.”

Jim Medlock: “I think it’s been warm already; it’s been an unusually warm winter.”  Medlock has already been enjoying this weather and says he is enjoying not being “cooped up inside” so much. 

Diana Larsen: “I am not really ready for warmer weather because I’m from Colorado originally, so this is really weird.  But it is nice.  I have been out of work this week and it’s been really enjoyable. 

Alicia and Brady Gamadanis: “We are ready; we do not like winter.  We like shorts and short sleeves.”  Gamadanis’ son, Brady plays outfield baseball and he is ready to get back out on the field. 

Vicki Odom: “I’m ready for warmer weather.  I want more days like this, where I can sit outside and enjoy the sun.”