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Paying for News
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For the past 147 years, The Covington News has served Covington and Newton County, providing information to readers in exchange for a subscription fee. As far as we know, our company has always charged people for its product - news and other various information.

For the last seven years, we have been building up our website,, to enhance the speed and variety of news delivery and to reach out to a base of customers who no longer crave the printed product.

It costs money to produce news, and we've employed a staff of dedicated employees who strives everyday to make the newspaper and website beneficial to their community and our advertising partners.

As more people use the website, the model of providing free information online no longer makes sense. Advertising revenue has always been important, but it's never been able to entirely pay for news operations.

To ensure the continued growth - not just stability - of The Covington News company, we implemented a small online-only subscription fee of $2.99 per month.

People are used to getting free information on the web, but it's no coincidence that more and more companies are turning to paid models online. People want free content, but they also want good content. We believe the best way to provide the best content is to charge for news and use those profits to reinvest in our company in terms of personnel and technology.

We understand that there will always be people who can't afford to pay for news; therefore, we offer breaking news alerts about public safety for free, along with obits and information about community events.

People feel that free content is an implied right for anyone using the Internet, but there are hidden costs to using many sites, including companies like Facebook that use your personal information to zero in on individual habits and sells that information to advertisers. We don't do that.

Instead, we charge the cheapest rate we possibly can in the hopes of making the news as accessible as possible and ensuring people become knowledgeable about and involved in their community.

The Covington News is your paper. You can reach out and talk to us and visit us, and we are here to listen and tell your stories and investigate your concerns using the resources we have. We hope that by buying a subscription, you will feel invested in the paper, and will be more willing to communicate with us, lending your perspective to ours and giving us feedback when you feel we're on the wrong track.

We believe we're making great strides, and we truly appreciate all of the subscribers who believe in The Covington News and will help us thrive for the next 147 years.