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Our Thoughts: Amazing
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The Ray Rice incident is an example of what’s wrong with our new American society in so many ways.

The fact that he punched his wife is, in itself, inexcusable, and any man or woman who attacks weaker spouses are nothing but cowards.

He deserves every rebuke and punishment he gets.

Now the media has gone wild on the fact that the NFL may or may not have known the full story.

On Thursday a number of Democratic senators and congressmen jumped into the mob.

Our question is this: where was the media and these elected Democrats in dealing with Bengazi or when two American journalists were beheaded, and where are they as the Obama medical debacle is putting Americans medical health in jeopardy?

Ray Rice deserves all the bad publicity he can get but he and his wife’s personal family problems are not worth the hysteria being pushed by the National Media.

A true hysteria should be being pushed on how our country is being run.