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Look for the warning signs
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In Sunday's paper, reporter Amber Pittman wrote an excellent but very scary story detailing activities some of our teens and adolescents are involved in right now in our community.

The piece called "Deadly Games" explained what chocking, sexting and cyber-bullying mean to our young children.

This story is a must-read for any parent or grandparent. The games our children are playing in today's world are not make-believe; they can kill or maim a personality for life.

We can't tell you how to parent, but we can suggest to you in the strongest and caring of terms to talk to your child every day - to know what is going on in their lives. Do not allow them complete and free access to cell phones or the Internet.

We have such a promising world in spite of our current economic times. Your child could be one of our future leaders; don't let them do something foolish that could snuff out that great promise.

It's on our shoulders to see that our children have the opportunity to live and play in a safe, constructive environment.

We do not want to see the name of a child who has died from such hideous games on our front page.