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Learning respect
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We want to personally congratulate Frank and Earline Seale on reaching the milestone of their 70th year of marriage.

What a remarkable feat and what a heart-warming story of a couple who still love each other with their whole beings after seven decades of a shared life.

If you missed the story in Sunday's paper, we recommend you read it online at

Sadly, for every good thing we read, a bad one seems to never be far behind.

In the Sunday paper, we ran a story about a group of teenagers who chose to verbally insult a local softball coach and his players as they simply tried to practice for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, the story of the teenagers disrespect and unwarranted meanness is more commonplace than the story of couples who have spent decades of their life showing each other respect and love.

Frank and Earline, thank you for giving us a ray of good old-fashioned hope to remind us that we don't live in a world devoid of mutual respect; we pray the two of you continue on your love together for many years to come.

As for the teenagers who showed their ignorance and lack of self-respect, we urge your parents to take you out behind the woodshed and give you the type of good, old-fashioned punishment that seemed to work in years gone by. You may not understand their actions at the time, but one day you'll see that punishment as a sign of your parent's true love for you.