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Dose of reality
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Recently one member of our editorial board spent some time in the Washington D.C. metro area.

After visiting the area, we would like to recommend that instead of going to Florida this year for your vacation and annual escape from reality, that you visit our nation's capital for the same effect.

If you do that sooner rather than later, you will know why our elected officials have no feeling for the thoughts and pains of the rest of the country.

They and our president are truly living in a fairy tale world, where unemployment, because of government and union guaranteed jobs, is one of the lowest in the nation and the cornucopia of access to everything is overflowing.

All the shops are filled with buyers even on a Sunday; the cost of housing is steadily rising. Traffic is bumper to bumper, and the metro system is filled to capacity.
Two of the richest and prosperous counties in the nation are located in Maryland and Virginia, part of the lucrative D.C. suburbs.

If our elected officials can't see or feel peoples' pain, they are not going to be effective in improving their lot.

Lately, this has been very evident as our elected officials struggle to do nothing.

Our legislators are living in fairy tale world that is being supported on the backs of the people of the real world of America and unless voters can spring these folks out of this real fairy tale town they have created, we will fair no better that the last great Republic of the world, the Roman Empire.