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A Miracle
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The effort to build a Miracle League field in Newton County didn't occur naturally - it took lots of time and effort - but it was certainly born out of an expression of love.

This week's groundbreaking at the City Pond Park complex is the result of the love locals have for this community's most precious children.

The idea to build a specially-designed baseball field to reach out to the 2,700-plus handicapped and disabled children in Newton County and give them the chance to experience first hand the thrill of playing the great American pastime was hailed as a great thing. Little did anyone know that the soon after the economy would crumble.

Fortunately for the children of this county, there were people who refused to let the dream end purely because of economic concerns.

Under the direction of Tommy Hailey and his recreation staff, special consultant Tamara Richardson spearheaded a committee of caring individuals who worked tirelessly to raise funds. Though money slowly dribbled in over the years, the volunteers did not give up. Despite their efforts, we didn't expect the field to be built for another handful of years.

But then a truly remarkable miracle happened right here in Newton County. The city of Covington and local bank Newton Federal stepped up to the plate, took a mighty swing and hit a home run far out of the park.

In the end, Newton Federal was the one to step up and loan the $1.5 million necessary to complete the project.

We can hardly wait to see the happy faces of families as they watch their children experience the joys of playing a game so many of us love.

It's not every day we get to experience a real miracle. When we get that opportunity, it makes us smile a little wider and walk a little taller knowing that we work and live in county where the words "it can't be done" aren't accepted.
Now someone pass the peanuts and crackerjacks.