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LETTER: 'Newby’ to Georgia politics offers ‘fresh’ perspective ahead of primaries

Dear Editor:

I hope you don’t mind a fresh set of eyes, a different perspective than what I am hearing in Georgia. Remember I’m a newby to Georgia politics, but a veteran in the conservative Republican movement.  

I grew up in Iowa where we have elected Chuck Grassley over and over because we like him. He is the real reason I am against term limits. He was a successful land owner/businessman/farmer, so nervous at first the old-timers still laugh about how he shook and rattled when he would get up and talk. But he visited all 99 counties every year, made friends all over the state at his town hall meetings, went around so much sometimes he visited them twice or three times a year. He still gets on his mower and mows his own lawn too. His wife, Barbara, gives beautiful generous gift baskets with interesting things from Washington, D.C., each year for the IowaFRW fund raisers, too. 

Not everyone who goes to D.C. has affairs or becomes a millionaire immediately. Grassley was already independently wealthy before he went. If it hadn’t been for Sen. Chuck Grassley’s experience he couldn’t have guided us through the nominations of three conservative supreme court justices. He wasn’t even as lawyer but he got put on the judiciary committee in time to save our nation’s highest court. He was like a wiley old fox getting Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Comey Barrett onto the Supreme Court. He even got Lindsay Graham to call the false allegations against them crap. 

I used to like Lindsay Graham at the time of the Graham Rudman Act, because he held the keys to fiscal responsibility, but I think even he is loosing his moorings. When he poked so much fun of Donald Trump at Faith and Freedom Coalition, I quit sending him money. 

And Ted Cruz, another person with presidential ambition, has been tied to the term limits movement too by the leftists. I cannot believe he doesn’t understand how term limits takes away the voter’s ability to keep in office the good ones and get rid of the bad ones. Let us not forget that term limits were started by left wing socialists wanting to get rid of some solid Republicans they didn’t like in Congress. 

And don’t let anyone tell you they’re going to get rid of Nancy Pelosi, not until California constitution changes. They can get her off of committees and off of being speaker but she is elected and reelected in the kind of jungle election that got us running Loeffler and Collins against Warnock. She runs against another Democrat with a criminal record and a weak Republican every time, and the person with the most votes gets elected. So, until Californians start having a fair partisan primary, and quit sending her to Washington, she will be there dividing, chewing and spitting out people who don’t agree with her. 

But Chuck Grassley even sent my money back one time when his PAC wasn’t needing it.  Like Donald Trump, Grassley has a wonderful relationship with his wife and family too. He is hailed around the nation as a hero for supporting President Trump in getting three conservative SC justices nominated. The never Trumper movement has done tremendous damage to the GOP. Up in Iowa, they have gone underground because people see how their divisiveness and deceitfulness has hurt us. U.S. Senators and U.S. Reps like Grassley of Iowa, Cotton of Arkansas, Louie Gohmert of Texas, and Billy Long of Missouri who vote their own consciences, listen to the voters, and who cannot be bought are what we need in D.C. Ryan Zincke of Montana is another one.  

I believe the RNC needs someone other than the hard working Ronna up there.  I’m sorry Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski and Adam Kinsinger are so far to the center. But voters are well informed these days. Information is readily available. You have to comb through many publications and listen to many candidates to decide who is right to represent us. Even after the 10th District forum Saturday, which held some real surprises, I left undecided. Only one held out against term limits. Colonel Mitchell Swan. But I REALLY like some of the other candidates too.  We shall see.  

Lynn Vogel Flessas

President, Newton County 

Republican Women