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Woman reports missing peaches
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Irvine Duplan of Covington reported a theft at her home on Bear Creek Trail to officers on Thursday.
Duplan said unidentified people allegedly entered her back yard and removed peaches from her trees. The total amount of peaches stolen is valued at $10.

Woman reports roommate for opening mail
Sasha Banks reported Monday that her roommate had been opening her mail.

Banks said Tammy Tewana Reed was living with her, but she gave Reed notice to move out. Banks alleges Reed opened her mail.

Banks said she was away from the residence for a couple days while Reed was still at the residence. Banks also said Reed allegedly texted her and told her she had opened her mail and had her bank account number.

Banks also alleges Reed called Bank of America and tried to interfere with Bank's loan modification.
Banks said she would be greeting a warrant against Reed.

Woman says her phone bill was $900

Clara Williams said an unknown person was allegedly putting their cell phone bill on her AT&T phone bill account since April.
William's phone bill was $900, when she said it should be $71 a month. She said she was checking her phone bill account and found this overcharge. She said the phone company said Charles Williams put this cell phone bill on her account.

Williams said she did not know anyone by that name and she did not even own a cell phone.

Evicted renters allegedly steal appliances
Officers were dispatched to Thrasher Road on Wednesday due to a theft complaint.

The homeowner said she recently evicted renters from her property and things were allegedly missing. She also said once the renters vacated the residence, they allegedly stripped the home of all valuables, including all appliances, light fixtures, sink fixtures and dead bolt locks.

The homeowner said she called the previous renters to resolve the situation but has not been able to contact them.

Covington Vision Center's AC unit damaged
The manager of the Covington Vision Center reported their air conditioning unit had been damaged last Friday.

Manager Pam Vaughn said when she arrived at work, the air conditioning was not working. She said she called her repair company and they sent someone out to check on the unit. She said when the air conditioning technician was on the roof to check the unit, he advised Vaughn the unit had allegedly been kicked and busted on the side.

Officers spoke with the technician and he said it looked like someone tried to lift the unit off the bracket but was unable to. He said the unit would have to be replaced and would cost would be $5,000.