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Rumble strip projects bringing rural route safety enhancements
District 2

GEORGIA - According to the Federal Highway Administration, more than half of fatal crashes occur after a driver crosses the edge or center-line of a roadway. Nearly two-thirds of those happen in rural areas.

With safety in mind, the Georgia Department of Transportation has awarded two contracts totaling just over $5 million to install indentation rumble strips in 23 east central Georgia district counties. Routes will receive the strips along the center-line and edge-line pavement markings.

Statewide Georgia saw 250 roadway departure fatal crashes last year. Shoulder rumbles strips are an FHWA proven countermeasure aimed to prevent roadway departure crashes. In addition, centerline rumble strips help prevent head-on, opposite direction and sideswipe fatal and injury crashes.

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These projects, that have a June 2020 completion date and will be completed by Southern States Pavement Markings, LLC. (first list) and Roadsafe Traffic Systems (second list), will cover the following counties and routes in GDOT District 2:

  • Jasper County
    State Route (SR) 11 from the Jones County line to MLK Drive
  • Greene County
    SR 12 from the Morgan County line to Universal Drive
  • Warren County
    SR 12 from SR 269/Barnett Road to Lake Drive
  • Greene County
    SR 15 from Ward Road to Mize Court
  • Washington County
    SR 15 from the Hancock County line to Ridge Road
  • Jasper/Putnam County
    SR 16 from the Butts County line to Roy Jones Road
  • McDuffie/Warren County
    SR 17 from the Thomson City limits to the Jefferson County line
  • Wilkes County
    SR 17 from the Elbert County line to the Wilkes County Road Department
  • Warren County
    SR 17 Connector from the Glascock County line to Wrens Highway
  • Newton County
    SR 36 from the Butts County line to Woodfield Road
  • McDuffie County
    SR 43 from the Lincoln County line to US 78/Washington Road
  • Greene County
    SR 44 from the Putnam County line at Lake Oconee to the Taliaferro County line
  • Putnam County
    SR 44 from the Jones County line to US 441 Bypass
  • Lincoln/Wilkes County
    SR 47 from Victory Lane to Lincoln Avenue
  • Taliaferro County
    SR 47 from Sharon Street to the Wilkes County line
  • Greene/Oglethorpe County
    SR 77 from SR 22 to SR 44/Washington Highway
  • Glascock/Jefferson County
    SR 80 from the Warren County line to north of Quaker Road
  • Newton County
    SR 81 from Bryant Road to the Walton County line
  • Jasper/Morgan County
    SR 83 from Rock Eagle Road to I-20
  • Jefferson County
    SR 102 from the Glascock County line to Sterling Street
  • Newton County
    SR 142 from Dixie Road to 2nd Avenue
  • Newton/Jasper County
    SR 212 from the Rockdale County line to Jackson Lake
  • Columbia County
    SR 223 from County Line Road to Stoneview Drive
  • Washington County
    SR 242 from the Fall Line Freeway to south of Riddle Road

Information on schedules and lane closures will be available in advance of construction activities.