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Rivian to suspend construction in Stanton Springs project
rivian photo
Rivian unveiled their new "R2" vehicle, but as of right now, it won't be in production in Stanton Springs - photo by File Photo

GEORGIA – In an unexpected development, Rivian has announced its plans to suspend work on the $5 billion Stanton Springs project that was set to begin construction this year.

On March 7, Rivian announced the launch of two new vehicles, the R2 and the R3.

But while production of the R2 vehicles was expected to take place primarily in Stanton Springs, the electric vehicle company announced its plans to relocate the initial R2 production location to Normal, Illinois.

“To enable R2 to be launched earlier and with a considerable reduction in the capital required for its launch, Rivian plans to start production of R2 in its existing Normal, Illinois manufacturing facility,” a Rivian press release stated. “Beyond significantly reducing the amount of capital needed to bring R2 to market, the company believes this approach considerably reduces risk to the launch and associated ramp; efficiently leverages its existing manufacturing and operations teams; and expands the total capacity for the site to 215,000 units per year.”

According to the press release, the total expected savings are estimated to be over $2.25 billion by relocating the first line away from Georgia. 

Additionally, the relocation has also moved R2 production up to the first half of 2026.

Despite the relocation, Rivian said that it remains committed to continuing the Georgia plant in the future.

“Rivian’s Georgia plant remains an extremely important part of its strategy to scale production of R2 and R3,” a press release stated. “The timing for resuming construction is expected to be later to focus its teams on the capital-efficient launch of R2 in Normal, Illinois.”

Rivian has already made two PILOT payments to the Joint Development Authority (JDA) of Jasper, Morgan, Newton and Walton counties in the amount of $3 million, with the most recent transaction taking place on March 1. The bond transaction has since closed and Rivian has assumed responsibility for the site location.

An agreement with the Georgia Department of Economic Development states that Rivian requires it to meet 80 percent of the $5 billion and 7,500 job commitment investments by Dec. 31, 2030 through 2049.

A joint statement from the Economic Development and the JDA provided optimism on the future of the project.

“Rivian has restated its commitment to Georgia, and the State and JDA are in steady communication with Rivian regarding its manufacturing plans at Stanton Springs North,” read a  joint press release.

This is an ongoing story and The News will update this story as more information is available.