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Governor's race drives spending in Georgia
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ATLANTA (AP) — A new national report has found that political spending on television ads for Georgia state offices is down from four years ago.

The nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity says that campaigns, parties and third-party groups spent about $5.3 million on more than 7,500 spots through Sept. 8. That's compared to $11.76 million on more than 37,000 spots in 2010.

The report doesn't consider the expensive battle for an open U.S. Senate seat. Analysts looked only at races for state offices, from governor to the General Assembly.

Almost all of the 2014 spending comes from the governor's race between Republican incumbent Nathan Deal and Democratic challenger Jason Carter.

The two campaigns spent about $2.2 million each. Deal has also benefited from almost $800,000 more from the Republican Governors Association.