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Flat Shoals Road at Highway 36 signal activation delayed

COVINGTON, Ga. - Due to weather advisories, the planned full traffic signal activation for the new intersection of Flat Shoals Road and State Route (SR) 36 has been moved to Thursday.

Contracted crews are also in the process of finishing final clean up and corrective items. Sensor loops will be cut and placed at the Henderson Mill signal, which should cut down on delays, as well.

This will mark the completion of major work for the $1.9 million SR 36 reconstruction project.

Overall, this realigned Henderson Mill Road approximately 0.19 miles south of the existing intersection with signals at SR 36 and Flat Shoals Road/Steele Road and Henderson Mill. The final roadway consists of two, 12-foot travel lanes in each direction with 12-foot left and right turn lanes onto Flat Shoals/Steele Road and Henderson Mill Road.

The old intersection created a “5-point” environment, which is not desirable for optimal safety and operational efficiency. Project improvements will regulate access points from the adjacent properties to SR 36, Steele Road and Flat Shoals Road and increase sight distance for drivers approaching all sides of the intersection.