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DDS motorcycle safety program urges motorists to share the road for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Mont

May 1 officially kicked off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, an initiative by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – and during the rest of the year - The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP) and the Department of Driver Services (DDS) are reminding all motorists to safely “Share the Road” with motorcycles, and to be extra alert to keep motorcyclists safe. 

“Mutual responsibility is the safety message we are sharing with all road users to prevent motorcycle crashes,” Commissioner Spencer R. Moore said. “By following road signs, obeying speed limits, and always staying focused on the road, deaths and injuries could be prevented.”

With the warm weather in full force, more motorists are taking to the roads.  The GMSP is encouraging motorcycle riders to stay visible and follow basic safety rules.  Motorcyclists have the same rights and privileges as any motor vehicle driver on the roads.  This means, however, that they must also follow the same road laws as other vehicles, including keeping a safe distance from other vehicles.  Many times motorcyclists are not seen by other road users and can increase visibility by:

  1. Wearing brightly colored protective gear during the day
  2. Using highly reflective material at night on protective gear and motorcycle
  3. Positioning yourself in traffic to be seen
  4. Communicate your intentions to other road users with turn and hand signals

Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Manager, Tom Komjathy states, “To date, Georgia has seen a decrease in motorcycle fatalities of over 50 percent compared to this same time in 2016. This is a trend to be celebrated and with conscientious motorist awareness, fatalities and serious injuries of our fellow Georgians can continue to be reduced.”

In addition, ride/drive alert, be prepared and ready to avoid dangerous situations.  Share the responsibility of keeping the roads safe and share the road.  As always, ride/drive smart and sober.