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Skrobot gets 2 years for molestation
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Charles Leslie Skrobot was sentenced Oct. 4 after pleading guilty to the molestation of a 4-year-old female relative in 2010. Although the state had asked for Skrobot to serve five years, a judge sentenced him to two years on the charges.

The former member of the Covington Redevelopment Authority and the owner of the now closed Town Center Bread pleaded guilty to the charges against him in September. He was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Horace Johnson to 20 years to serve two with the remaining to be served on probation, and special conditions of sex offender probation.

The child's mother Ellen Brown is pleased that Skrobot has been sentenced; she isn't pleased with the amount of time he was sentenced to.

"I'm glad that he's been sentenced to two years but I still don't feel like justice is served for my baby girl," she said of her daughter, now 6 years old. "Charles should've got what the state offered which was 20 years, to do five in prison but the judge went lower. Two years just isn't enough for the lifetime of pain and suffering that she will have. I'm just hoping that one day, her memories will fade of this monster and that she knows I tried my best to put him away for a very long time, but the court system fails you sometimes. It sickens me knowing that when he gets out of prison, his life will not have changed... He will get out and go back to his life with nothing taken from him like he has taken my daughter's innocence; her life will never be the same."