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Pine Shadow home ransacked
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A deputy responded to a call at a home on Pine Shadow Circle on Wednesday at 11:47 a.m. after a man reported that he saw three black males in a Gold Toyota Camry in his cousin's driveway. The man said the first time he passed by the home, the garage door of the house was closed.

When the man passed the house again leaving the subdivision, he observed the garage door had been opened and the men were leaving the house. The man said he believed he knew the man in the front passenger seat, but he was unsure about the rear passenger. He described the other passenger as having dreadlocks.

The deputy observed the home and saw that the front door had been kicked in, papers were thrown over the floors in the kitchen and shelves in the master bedroom had been torn down.

A Panasonic flat screen television, a LG flat screen television and a Hewlett Packard laptop computer were missing from the home. The homeowner did not have the serial numbers for any of the items. The total value of the stolen items was an estimated $2,100.

Hunting season
A man reported that his shotgun and hunting supplies were stolen from his home after he left for a couple of hours on Wednesday.
A deputy with the NCSO responded to a home on Avery Drive on Wednesday around 1 p.m. in reference to a burglary.

The man said he left his home around 10 a.m. and locked all the doors. When he returned to his home around 1p.m., he found the house was a mess and the back door was open.
The deputy entered the house and noticed a closet of shotgun and hunting supplies had been gone through. The dressers in the children's bedrooms had also been looked through.

According to the report, a Remington .308 Simmons scope rifle, JVC camcorder, a Proscan 47 in. television and a Taurus .380 laser attachment were stolen. The value of the items was about $2,000.

Marking territory
A woman reported to the NCSO that she was tired of her neighbor's dog relieving himself in her yard. According to a report from the NCSO, a deputy responded to a home located at Woodland Ridge Circle in response to an animal problem.

A woman told the deputy that for the past six months her neighbor's dog has come to her yard and relieved himself. The woman said she has told her neighbor on several occasions to keep her dog off of her property and that other people in the neighborhood have complained about the dog. She said the owner of the pet has refused to keep the dog on her own property. The woman said on Wednesday, she had a trap in her front yard for the dog and the neighbor took this as a threat. The woman said the neighbor shook a garden rake at her and said if she was trying to trap her dog she would start to see things happen at her house. The woman took this as a threat and called police.

The deputy went to the neighbor house to get her side of the story, but she would not open the door. The deputy ran tag numbers on the vehicles in the driveway for the report. The woman said she wanted to file the report in case the neighbor came back and made threats with the rake.

Refuses treatment
A woman was arrested at the Newton Medical Center after she became uncooperative while being treated. A report from the Covington Police Department said officers were dispatched to the hospital at least three times on Thursday morning just before 5 a.m. in reference to a patient being combative. The third time officers were called the woman was being uncooperative in the ambulance and had to be returned to the hospital where she continued hit one of the workers and had to be restrained. She was taken to the Newton County Jail and charged with disorderly conduct.