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Matties Call what is it?
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Although the last person a Mattie's Call was issued for in Newton County was found safe, some aren't so lucky. So what exactly is the Mattie's Call and what does it mean for the citizens of Newton County.

Patterned after the AMBER Alert system (or Levi's Call in Georgia) that assists in locating missing or abducted children, a Mattie's Call is an emergency missing alert for disabled or elderly people, meaning developmentally impaired or those suffering from some sort of cognitive impairment or dementia.

A call is made by law enforcement to send out a Mattie's Call when a disabled person is missing and might be in danger of serious injury or death and they believe the public could assist in finding that person. A statewide broadcast to law enforcement and 911 centers must be made and local media must be alerted.

Created as an Act by the Georgia State Legislature in 2006, the Mattie's Call is named for Mattie Moore; a 67-year-old Atlanta woman with Alzheimer's who went missing from her home in 2004. She was found dead eight months later in a wooded area about 250 yards from her front door.