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Man found bleeding in Porterdale
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Porterdale police found a wounded man laying in the street on Monday. Police said an unidentified white male who had a gunshot or knife wound to the arm was on the ground near Main Street and City Hall. Officers searched the victim for other wounds and called EMS to the scene. Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Office were called to the scene. A deputy followed a trail of blood from the victim, which led to the direction of Willow Street. The victim was taken to Grady Hospital in Atlanta.

Simple assault leads to vehicular damage

Covington police officers met with complainant Joseph Newberry who said that while he was at the Big EZ convenience store on Washington Street Tuesday, a Trevor Townley approached him.

Newberry told officers Townley threatened him and tried to start a fight. Both men left the convenience store. Newberry told officers that Townley followed him to Porterdale, where another confrontation occurred which resulted in damage to Newberry's vehicle. Newberry told officers that he and Townley had previous fights in the past. After speaking with two store clerks and reviewing surveillance video from the store, officers concluded that there wasn't a physical fight visible.
Man arrested for criminal trespassing and marijuana

Police stopped Solomon Harris on Wednesday around 4 p.m. at the front entrance of Magnolia Heights Circle. Deputies said Harris was trying to use the call box to get into the complex. Covington police officers had previously given Harris a criminal trespass warning on Monday. During a search, officers found a small plastic bag suspected to be marijuana inside Harris' front right pants pocket. Harris was arrested for criminal trespassing and possession of marijuana and taken to the Newton County Jail.

Counterfeit money used at McDonald's

Covington police want to find the man responsible for using counterfeit money at the McDonald's on Industrial Boulevard. Employees told officers they witnessed a black man in his early twenties use a fake $10 bill to purchase coffee at the drive-thru on Wednesday night. The employee said when she held the money up to see if it was counterfeit, the man drove off in a red four-door sedan. No further information was available about the vehicle or suspect.