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Kemp continues to show wide local fundraising lead
Brian Kemp

COVINGTON, Ga. - Brian Kemp’s run for governor continues to get the financial backing of most local donors.

It’s not even close.

Kemp, the two-term secretary of state from Athens, brought in contributions from more than 40 local backers during the campaign finance reporting period of April 1 through June 30.

That’s significantly more than his Republican runoff opponent, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle of Gainesville.

Cagle drew donations from just six local people over the past three-month period, which included the May 22 primary.

Cagle led the five-man field with 39 percent statewide. Kemp notched his spot in the runoff with about 26 percent.

Former House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams won the Democratic primary outright with 76 percent of the vote against former state Rep. Stacey Evans.

Kemp carried Newton County with a little over 40 percent to Cagle’s 33 percent.

Abrams took 81 percent of the vote in Newton County.

Kemp raked in $24,670 from local donors during the three-month reporting period compared to $12,800 for Cagle.

Abrams was the leading fundraiser for Democrats. She took in $1,650 from eight people. Evans had four contributors who gave a total of $875.

A majority of local officials who are backing a candidate with their dollars also are pointing to Kemp. Recent donors to the secretary of state’s bid for governor include Social Circle Mayor Hal Dally, former state senator and county commissioner John Douglas, County Commissioner Stan Edwards and Clerk of Superior Courts Linda D. Hays.

Newton County Commissioner Nancy Schulz has backed Abrams.

Early voting is underway through July 20, and the runoff is July 24.


Stacey Abrams

Abrams brought in $2.75 million between April 1 and June 30 and ended the quarter with $1.5 million cash on hand.

Local contributors included:

Harold Davis, Covington, $100 and $100; John Heilman, Covington, $50 and $100; Roosevelt Logan Jr., Oxford, $100 and $100; Anthony Nickel, Covington, $100; Susan Riese, Social Circle, six contributions totaling $150; Nancy Schulz, Oxford, $500; Cindy Simpson, Covington, $250; Kim White, Covington, $100.

Stacey Evans

Evans brought in $940,512 between April 1 and June 30.

Local contributors included:

Bart Buff, Covington, $500; Shannon Buff, Covington, three contributions totaling $75; Vivian Fincher, Covington, $200; Tera Tyson, Covington, $100.


Casey Cagle

Cagle brought in $3.7 million between April 1 and June 30 and ended the quarter with $1.3 million cash on hand.

Local contributors included:

Mitchel Darel, Social Circle, $250 and $100; Cole Dargan Sr., Covington, $250; Robert R. Fowler III, Covington, $3,900; Jeff L. Shockley, Covington, $500; Brad M. Williams, Social Circle, $3,900; Paige Vaughn Williams, Social Circle, $3,900.

Hunter Hill

Hill brought in $488,510 between April 1 and June 30.

His only local contributor was Jack W. Coyle, Oxford, $100 and $50.

Brian Kemp

Kemp brought in nearly $1.6 million between April 1 and June 30 and ended the quarter with $711,388 cash on hand.

Local contributors included:

Mark J. Accetturo, Covington, $2,500; Kayla Airington, Oxford, $200; Fleeta S. Baggett, Covington, $1,000; Charles Berry, Covington, $25 and $125; Todd Bowen, Social Circle, $500; Richard W. Brown, Covington, $500 and $1,000; C&G Properties, Covington, $1,000; Shannon Cole, Mansfield, $500; Hal Dally, Social Circle, $500; Keith Dalton, Covington, $500; John F. Douglas, Social Circle, $100; Stanley Edwards Jr., Mansfield, $200; T.M. Ewing, Covington, $100 and $100; Timothy K. Fleming, Covington, $300; William D. Fortson Jr., Covington, $500; Robert R. Fowler III, Covington, $1,000; Harry M. Galloway, $250; Fred W. Greer Jr., Mansfield, $250; Dean Hayes, Covington, $1,000 and $1,000; Julius D. Hays Jr., Covington, $100; Linda D. Hays, Covington, $500; Donald Herron Jr., Social Circle, $500; Robin W. Herron, Social Circle, $250; Robin Hillman, Covington, $100 and $100; Edward Hutter, Covington, three contributions totaling $1,200; Integral Enterprises LLC, Covington, $500; the Jackson Advisory Group LLC, Covington, $250; Jet Auction Co., Covington, $100 and $100; Sonya Love, Covington, $10 and $10; Majesty Maids LLC, Covington, $250; Debbie P. Massey, Covington, $300; Gary Massey, Covington, $1,000; Michael T. Owens, Social Circle, $200; Roshan Patel, Covington, $200; E.W. Pugh, Social Circle, $500; Richard M. Schulz, Oxford, $250; Billy S. Smith, Covington, $1,000; Mike Smith, Covington, $500; Timothy C. Smith, Social Circle, three contributions totaling $1,500; Craig Stevens, Social Circle, $250; Phil Stone, Covington, $500; John L. Travis, Covington, $250 and $500; Mark Whitney, Covington, $100 and $100; Susan D. Wilson, Social Circle, $200; Martin Zon, Covington, $200.

Clay Tippins

Tippins brought in more than $3.1 million between April 1 and June 30.

His only local contributor was David Milikin, of Covington, with three contributions totaling $105.

Michael Williams

Former state Rep. Michael Williams’ June 30 report was not available.