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Newton County School System seeks expansion of Military JROTC Programs to Alcovy, Eastside
ncss jrotc

In a move to enhance student opportunities and broaden access to specialized programs, the Newton County School System (NCSS) is excited to announce the submission of applications for military JROTC programs at Alcovy High School and Eastside High School. Currently, Newton High School proudly hosts a Marine Corps Junior ROTC program, and the school system aims to extend the valuable experience of the armed forces to even more high school students.

The Board of Education, in alignment with its goal of providing diverse educational pathways, recognizes the positive impact that military JROTC programs can have on students' personal development, leadership skills, and civic responsibility. By applying for these programs at Alcovy and Eastside High Schools, NCSS is taking a significant step towards fostering a well-rounded educational experience for all students.

“Our board has expressed a desire to expand access to specialized programming for our students, and while we are on our way to doing just that, introducing JROCT programs at Alcovy and Eastside is the first step in our journey,” said Dr. Duke Bradley, III, Superintendent of Newton County School System. “We are working towards expanding access to specialized programs for students throughout our county, and this is the first step in that effort."

Abigail Coggin, chair of the Newton County School System Board of Education, added her thoughts.

"We are dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment that prepares our students for success in various facets of life.," Coggin said. "The inclusion of military JROTC programs at Alcovy and Eastside High Schools aligns with our vision of expanding opportunities and ensuring that each student has access to high-quality, specialized programs."

The applications have been submitted to the Federal Government for review, and the decision to approve or deny the expansion of the military ROTC programs rests with them.