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Newton County Jail Log - July 17
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o Ivette Marquez, 29, 55 B Gum Tree Trail, Covington, June 30. Giving false name or address, driving while license suspended.

Tanya Lynn Medrano, 38, 64 Poplar St., Porterdale, June 27. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Franklin Sharod Mohone, 39, Madison, June 30. Battery.

Carlyle Rentz Moore, 24, Conyers, June 25. To serve 39 hours.

Ricardo Murillo, 26, 10703 Magnolia Heights Circle, Covington, June 29. License required, (surrender of).

Sophia Ashley Odom, 24, Monroe, June 24. Family Violence Act cruelty to children.

Cecil Eugene Perkins, 55, 7120 Washington St., Covington, June 26. Public drunkenness.

Patrick Alan Ray, 50, 50 Gum Tree Court, Covington, June 25. Driving while license suspended, deposit account fraud.

Alejandro Bueno Rubio, 26, Hampton, June 25. Driving without a license, no seat belts, windshields and windshield wipers.

Shane Michael Shaw, 22, 5214 Ga. Highway 20, Covington, June 25. Battery, criminal trespass.

Heather Leigh Standridge, 25, 275 Bentley Place Way, Covington, June 28. Possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance.

Joshua Lane Stephens, 26, 590 King Bostick Road, Covington, June 27. Carrying a concealed weapon (gun).

Jamichael Ervin Stinson, 17, 30 Mountain Lane, Covington, June 29. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct.

Pamela Denise Stinson, 38, 30 Mountain Way, Covington, June 29. Battery, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct.

Shakisa Teira Terrell, 23, 8189 Capes Dr., Covington, June 30. False report of a crime.

Barron Scott Thompson, 47, 30 Pine St., Porterdale, June 26. Court sentenced.

Edward Keith Watkins, 46, Social Circle, June 24. DUI.

David Allen Wiggins, 21, 2123 Rocky Creek Road, Mansfield, June 28. DUI, driving without headlights.

Julius Chester Wilkins, 70, Monticello, June 26. Court sentenced.

Natalya Maryaam Williams, 39, 250 Chimney Court, Covington, June 25. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Robert Eston Williams Sr., 46, Conyers, June 24. Abandonment of dependent child.

Ahmad Hassan Abdullah, 32, Stone Mountain, July 7. Failure to appear.

Christopher Lamont Anderson, 32, 8124 Collier St., Covington, July 7. Child support warrant.

Shawndreka Sheree Benton, 27, 130 Taunton Road, Covington, July 2. Court sentenced 90 days.

Andrew Omar Bowen, 22, 60 Parc Court, Covington, July 1. Probation violation.

Adrian Ricardo Brooks, 30, 9142 Puckett St., Covington, July 1. Possession, manufacture, distribution, sale of marijuana, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, two counts probation violation.

Anthony Bernard Brooks, 36, 9142 Puckett St., Covington, July 1. Possession, manufacture, distribution, sale of marijuana, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

John Lee Brown, 41, 6843 Turner Lake Road, Covington, July 4. Bench warrant.

Terrell Hinton Bryan, 49, 441 Jersey Walnut Grove, Covington, July 7. Court sentenced 180 days.

Laquita Mautrice Carr, 23, Conyers, July 6. Child support default.

Christopher Maurice Cooksey, 26, 3142 Clark St., Covington, July 1. Parole violation.

Michael Stanley Darcy, 45, 15 Graystone Dr., Covingotn, July 3. Battery, burglary, false imprisonment.

Paula Marilyn Defreitas, 52, 10 Sunflower Lane, Covington, July 7. Hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal.

William Michael Dempsey, 19, Days Inn, Covington, July 6. Sentenced to work release.

Quinton Lamar England, 25, 125 Rolling Ridge Dr., Covington, July 4. Failure to appear.

Maurice Brazan Fernandez, 29, 10 Sunflower Lane, Covington, July 7. Probation violation.

Michael David Grooms, 30, Walterboro, S.C., July 6. Probation violation.

Demetrius Deandre Hammond, 26, homeless, Covington, July 1. Failure to register as sex offender.

Tyrus La’Ron Hardeman, 32, 6157 Geiger St., Covington, July 3. Sentenced to 12 months work release.

Michael David Horn, 39, Conyers, July 1. Contempt of court (civil action).

Jessie Hurley, 22, 2261 Ga. Highway 81, Covington, July 7. Possession and use of drug related objects, possession of cocaine.

Jamar Jermaine Jackson, 21, Conyers, July 3. Court sentenced to 10 days, failure to appear.

Eric Leshawn Johnson, 37, Monroe, July 6. Probation violation.

Justin Michael Johnson, 19, homeless, Covington, July 7. Battery.

William Lee Jones, 50, Locust Grove, July 3. Court sentenced to four months work release.

Paris Jlamar Lancaster, 28, Decatur, July 7. Family Violence Act simple battery.

Lushonda Lindsey, 35, 10330 Old Atlanta Highway, Covington, July 7. Possession of cocaine, possession and use of drug related objects.

Nathaniel Maddox, 46, 9221 Carr Circle, Covington, July 4. Disorderly conduct, criminal trespass.

Wallace O’Neal McKibben, 42, 192 McKibben Road, Covington, July 2. Three counts child support default.

Vonetta Laray McLemore, 34, 55 Salem Road, Covington, July 7. Probation violation.

Darrell Glen McMichael Jr., 36, Jackson, July 6. Probation violation.

Hugo Rene Romero Najar, 25, 10921 Ga. Highway 36, Lot 42, Covington, July 4. Probation violation, license required (surrender of prior licenses).

Dennis Harold North, 40, Conroe, Texas, July 4. Public drunk.

Ogeda Lejuan Patrick, 29, 275 Eastwood Circle, July 1. Parole violation.

Larry Eugene Pratt, 35, 38 Hazel St., Porterdale, July 1. Probation violation.

Carlos Jerome Raines, 33, Decatur, July 6. Bench warrant.

Jonathan Latyrus Sands, 26, Monticello, July 2. Court sentenced to 30 days.

Shay Palmer Shelton, 37, 1320 Millpond Road, Newborn, July 6. Court sentenced to work release program.

Yolanda Terrayla Simpson, 29, Lithonia, July 7. Sentenced to serve 42 hours.

Jerry Michael Smith, 19, 160 Parker Terrace, Covington, July 7. Loitering or prowling, burglary, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, drinking under age.

Keidric Antwonn Smith, 22, Atlanta, July 7. Probation violation, driving without license, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Luther Clark Smith Jr., 23, 124 Sockwell Road, Oxford, July 3. Court sentenced to work release.

Willie Ross Smith Jr., 22, 5156 Johnson Dr., Covington, July 3. Giving false name or address to law enforcement officer, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, probation violation.

Anthony Jarmarrius Varner, 18, 7189-F Washington St., Covington, July 7. Disorderly conduct.

David Maurice Ware, 20, 220 Flowers Dr., Covington, July 1. Driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), improper left burn.

Everton Warren, 28, Decatur, July 6. To serve 48 hours.

Brandon Terry Wiggins, 25, Carrollton, July 1. Two counts child molestation, statutory rape, enticing a child for indecent purposes, rape, statutory rape, sodomy, aggravated sodomy.

Bobby Keith Woods, 36, Lumpkin, July 6. Deposit account fraud.

Josemario Gaveta Arreola, 29, 10125 Henderson Dr., Covington, July 5. Driving while license suspended, Family Violence Act simple battery.

Bradley Andrew Banks, 23, 5103 Leafstone Dr., Covington, July 4. DUI.

David Patrick Baynes, 50, 46 Russell Braden Road, Covington, July 3. To serve 48 hours.

Kimberly Michelle Bazen, 23, 5267 Wapakanota Trail, Oxford, July 4. Possession of cocaine.

Stephanie Anne Bloodworth, 30, 4852 Salem Road, Covington, July 2. Improper lane usage, DUI.

David Todd Bodine, 25, Social Circle, July 2. No seat belts, driving while license suspended.

Jason Robert Bowling, 27, Monticello, July 3. DUI, failure to signal, obscured tag frame.

Angela Threasa Brown, 20, 7102 Pine Needle Dr., Covington, July 4. Disorderly conduct.

Anthony Napoleon Burkett, 22, Union City, July 1. Carrying pistol without permit, stop signs and yield signs.