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Newton County Jail Log - Feb. 17
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Tracy Andrews Jr., 19, 9111 Jefferson Village, Covington, Jan. 28. Hold for probation.
Monique Lotoya Prendergast, 21, 205 Wyndmat Way, Covington, Jan. 23. Theft by shoplifting.
Kenneth Shane Price, 24, Conyers, Jan. 23. Possession of marijuana.
Richard Marvin Queen, 44, Temple, Jan. 29. Public drunkenness.
Donna Sue Reece, 60, 7 Walnut St., Porterdale, Jan. 24. Possession of marijuana.
Darrian Benoria Rogers, 50, 9632 Carr Circle, Covington, Jan. 24. Driving while license suspended.
Cecil Antwan Rozier, 27, 8355 Hazelbrand Road, Covington, Jan. 28. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Sixto Xavier Santana, 22, Social Circle, Jan. 24. Public indecency, DUI, public indecency (two counts).
Joshua Dwayne Sargent, 26, homeless, Covington, Jan. 27. Possession of marijuana.
Andrew Bryant Scott, 35, Bryant, Jan. 29. Driving while license suspended, speeding.
April Wynn Sertain, 37, 179 Almon Road, Covington, Jan. 29. Possession of marijuana.
Crystal Lee Thogode, 30, McDonough, Jan. 26. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Johnny Muanza Wakuteka, 31, Carrolton, Jan. 24. Theft by taking.
Raheem Antuain White, 19, 80 Bridges Way, Covington, Jan. 26. Possession of marijuana.
Moses Lee Williams, 54, 506 Moore St., Oxford, Jan. 24. Driving while license suspended.
Mikka Coelese Wilson, 31, Thomson, Jan. 23. No proof of insurance.
Arthur James Anthony, 18, 7133 Turner Lake Circle, Covington, Feb. 5. Theft by shoplifting.
James Matthew Banks, 40, Monroe, Jan. 31. Family Violence Act criminal trespass, FVA terroristic threats and acts.
George William Bates, 32, 8154 Maple Drive, Covington, Feb. 4. Probation violation.
Marian Roxanne Burns, 29, 7130 Washington St., Covington, Jan. 31. Child support default.
Robert Wesley Busby, 54, 35 Dearing Cove, Covington, Feb. 4. Family Violence Act battery.
Devin Andre Cain, 17, 5114 Haynes Court, Covington, Feb. 2. Family Violence Act simple battery.
Zachary William Cheek, 22, 1845 Henderson Mill Road, Mansfield, Feb. 4. False statements in matters within jurisdiction of state, theft by taking.
David Wesley Crawford, 57, 1895 Lower River Road, Covington, Feb. 1. Child molestation, aggravated child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes, solicitation of sodomy, felony probation violation.
Jeremy Michael Daniel, 27, 1835 Cornish Mountain Church Road, Covington, Feb. 4. Court sentenced to 48 hours.
Robert Eric Derenburger, 27, 22 Hemlock St., Porterdale, Feb. 4. Child support default.
April Latrell Donaldson, 25, 3400 Salem Road, Covington, Feb. 2. Criminal trespass.
David O’Neal Greene, 27, 45 Franklin Way, Covington, Feb. 5. Theft by receiving stolen property, possession of marijuana with intent, possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes.